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  • Contratación directa con el cliente.
  • Esquema remoto full time.
  • Prestaciones de ley.
  • Contratación 100 % nómina.

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Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Interactive Media, Interaction Design, Human Factors, Cognition Psychology, Cognitive Science, Informatics, Design, or related field preferred

  • 7-10 years applied experience in user-centered design process for sophisticated products or services. Portfolio to demonstrate proven experience requir
  • Maintains a deep understanding of Sketch, Invision, Adobe Suite
    Demonstrates a depth of technical knowledge in field through internal and external projects
    Digital Accessibility Non-Functional Requirements:-
    Keyboard Access and Visual Focus: All content and functionality must be available through a keyboard. Keyboard focus should be visible and should follow a logical order through the page elements.
    Page Title and Language: The page title should adequately and briefly describe the content of the page and should be different from other pages on the website. Primary language of every page and language changes should be indicated.
    Headings: The page must have at least one heading. It should be marked up accurately as a heading and the heading hierarchy should be meaningful.
    Images: Every image should include alt in the markup. If an image conveys information useful, then it needs alternative text. If an image is just decorative, then it should have null alt (alt="""").
    Contrast, Color, Appearance: The page should have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for normal-size text. Color alone should not be used to convey information.
    Resizing, Magnification, Responsiveness: Users should be able to enlarge web content. The design should be responsive.
    Links, Buttons, Controls, Navigation, Skip Link: Links, buttons and controls should be recognizable and coded correctly. Clear and consistent navigation options should be provided. A skip link that allows users to skip to content should be available.
    Forms, Labels, Errors: Forms should be keyboard accessible. Form controls should have labels. Required fields and other instructions should be clearly indicated. Error handing should be clear and simple.
    Tables and Lists: Tables should have HTML markup that indicates header cells and data cells and defines their relationship. List elements should be used for list content.
    Multimedia (Audio and Video), Animation, Moving content: Captions/subtitles, transcript, and/or audio description should be provided appropriately for audio and video media. Keyboard access for media player controls, animations, carousels and other moving content should be available.
    Structure, Meaning, Reading Order, Global Code: Content should be well-structured to allow efficient navigation and processing. Mark-up should be used for headings, lists, tables, etc. to better structure content. Reading order should be reflected in the code order.
    Touch: Touch interactions should be supported. When phone is in scope, phone interactions should be supported.
    To qualify for the role you must have
  • Supervises medium/large engagements of cross-functional teams, handling and reviewing project results, ensuring that the voice of the client is coordinated into the team’s delivery approach
    •Manages and grows Digital reports including UX Designer and Visual Designer reports
    •Generates and evaluates design concepts, assists with primary research and collaborates on research plans, demonstrating sophisticated technical knowledge
    •May manage and grow direct reports by providing mentorship and advice and may take an active role in mentoring others within and across subject areas
    •Designs and facilitates team and client workshops, project phase and client goals
    •Anticipates future project demands, identifies potential business opportunities on existing projects and scopes, plans and supports new business efforts, actively contributing to the sales process
    Skills and attributes for success.

Conocimientos sólidos en:

•Solid understanding of UX design: Wireframes, Information Architecture, Usability.

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